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Motion Skate Park – our home

One of the things we love about the modern beer and brewing revolution is how it is bringing manufacturing and production back into city centres.  It’s creating jobs across Bristol, and transforming areas once consigned to industrial neglect.  We wanted a location in the heart of Bristol’s brewing community, in an environment that plays both to the industrial heritage of the city and it’s modern cultural vibrancy.  In essence all roads lead to Motion…

As with last year, the Motion complex’s largest warehouse, which for a long while stood as an indoor skate park, will be our main space.  High ceilings, rusted cranes, and walls bearing the marks of previous tenants; it’s a storied space, perfect for us to turn into an awesome celebration of craft brewing.  We’ll also be commandeering the Marble Factory for a whole host of things, and building an outdoor yard space to grab a bite in the late summer sun.


We can’t wait, we hope to see you there.

Posted: January 27, 2017 8:08 am

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